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Arapahoe Basin is proud of its environmental record and strives to be a leader on the environmental front. Our most important sustainability initiatives are:

  1. Composting - In kitchen facilities, Snowsports lunch program and all after-hours events.
  2. Recycling Policy - To educate employees and guests and increase landfill diversion.
  3. Idling Policy - Adopted NSAA guidelines to reduce emissions.
  4. Waste Reduction Guidelines - To educate employees and help increase landfill diversion.
  5. Energy Usage Guidelines - To save electricity and to reach 5% reduction goal in all buildings.
  6. Purchasing guidelines - To help departments purchase from environmentally-responsible companies who manufacture environmentally-friendly products.
  7. Carpooling/Public Transportation - Encouraged through lift ticket discounts.
  8. Reusable Tableware and Cutlery - All service containers that are not reusable are compostable.
  9. Snowmaking - Continued use of airless snowmaking system.
  10. Ace's Wild Adventure/Gracie's Grove - Features stations that introduce guests to the bio-diversity of Arapahoe Basin's mountain environment. The stations act as outdoor teaching areas focused on the animals, trees, plants and seasons and bio-zones of the mountain.
  11. Support of local environmental organizations - We match employee donations to local environmental groups and sponsor an event and a club that benefit our local conversation center.

For more information regarding these initiatives please contact Sha Miklas, Arapahoe Basin Environmental Manager, at 970-513-5736 or