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Dishwasher - Winter

Job Type
Food and Beverage
FT; seasonal; weekends&holidays required
Posting Date
Closing Date
Job Description
Responsible for washing, sanitizing and re-stocking plates, cups, utensils, pots, pans while maintaining an organized and efficient system in the dish area. Includes mopping floors and emptying trash containers at the end of each shift and helping cooks as requested. May be asked at times to help in the front of the house bussing tables, washing windows, emptying trash, setting up for events or other duties as assigned.
Demonstrate ability to work successfully with others in a small space.
Physical Requirements
Must be able to lift 30 pounds and must be able to stand for an 8 hour shift.
Additional Requirements
Apron and outer "chef coat and pants" provided. Employee must provide approved non-slip footwear.