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Alpenglow Ascents Rando Series (2 of 3)

Friday, April 04, 2014

Join us Friday afternoons for a 3-part series of up-hill and down-hill challenges

Come to Arapahoe Basin for a beautiful afternoon of skinning with our three-part randonee spring-time series.  This NEW series will start and finish in the Base Area while summiting near 12,472'!

This event is much like our Rise n Shine series, except it’s in the afternoon. Perfect for the serious rando racers that are training for The Traverse or the Power of Four, or people who just want to get a solid skin in after work. We’ll have prizes for the top 3 male and female winners in each division, and we usually throw some fun random prizes in (for example: a prize for the person who comes in 23rd or a random prize “hidden” on the course). It’s a great time to hang out with your friends who participate in uphill travel, whether they be skiers or splitboarders, recreational athletes or elites. Everyone’s welcome at Alpenglow Ascents!

Don't forget to celebrate your skinning success in the new 6th Alley Bar after you finish!

The results of Alpenglow #2 are in!

Thanks to all who came and participated in the second race of the Alpenglow Ascents Series, we will see you at the next one Friday, April 25th! Click here for more information on Alpenglow Ascents #3!

Men’s Long Course

1. Mike Hagen #301 1:03.17
2. Mike Schilling #290 1:04.21
3. Brain Edminston #295 1:05.51
4. Todd Olsen #291 1:07.36
5. Travis Baldwin #284 1:07.48
6. Matt Tomaski #285 1:10.01
7. Mark Koob #302 1:13.28
8. Jerimy Arnold #294 1:14.22
9. Dirk Friel #287 1:14.25
10. Elliot Larson #298 1:17.24
11. Eric Thomson #283 1:19.14
12. Matt Von Thun #300 1:37.42
13. Jim Anderson #296 1:38.02
14. John Fontana #288 1:38.28
15. Robert Koch #292 1:51.27
16. Gary Salter #289 1:56.10
17. Scott Von Thun #299 1:59.29

Women’s Long Course

1. Marlee Dixon #218 1:14.44
2. Jamie Brade #219 1:16.39
3. Elizabeth Miller #217 1:42.12
4. Brooke Smith #216 1:57.06
Amy Freeman #215

Men’s Try It Course

1. Ash Taylor #297 39:55
2. Dan Stackhouse #286 41:37
3. Scott Clark #293 50:59

Women’s Try It Course

1. Natalie Koob #220 47:22
2. Tzvetanka Gintchin #214 58:20

Congrats to Mike Schilling who won the Dynafit Backpack and to Dan Stackhouse for finding the hidden prize on the mountain! He found some Dynafit Crampons for his skis!

Thank you to our sponsors: Gordini Gloves, Wilderness Sports, Darn Tough Socks, Snake River Saloon, Spyder, Cosmic Ski, Clifbar, Muscle Milk, Screamer, and Road ID.