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Terrain Park 1

This season, A-Basin opened Treeline in early January 2013, with a box line and a rail line. As the season progresses, Treeline becomes the place for advanced freestylers to work on their skills, with medium-to-large jumps, boxes, rails and other features. And while our most advanced jibbers show off at Treeline, all of our parks are laid-back, fun places to get pointers and explore your freestyle skills.

Updated feature list (as of 3/2/13):

  • Fat box to down 12 box
  • A-Frame rail
  • Flat 15 shorty box
  • Flat 20 rail
  • Mini tube
  • Picnic table box
  • Down 30 rail
  • Down 20 box
  • Down-flat-down rail

Check out the Smart Style video to learn more about terrain park safety.

Want to show off your skills?Send us your terrain park pics and edits.